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Modular Patient Monitor


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For general departments, the functions of anesthetic gas, depth of anesthesia, cardiac output, EEG, and muscle relaxation are redundant, and the BMO series retains the six-parameter monitoring function which optimizes the performance of the instrument, reduces costs, and meets basic monitoring needs.

Measured parameter: ECG, RESP, TEMP, HR/PR, NIBP, SpO2, EtCO2, Oxy-CRG, AG, 2-IBP

Applications: intensive care, clinical, emergency, ambulatory, for surgery units, for research

Standard Configuration : ECG, RESP, TEMP, HR/PR, NIBP, SpO2,

Rechargable battery: included

Optional: Built-in thermal printer , Nellcor Spo2, Masimo Spo2,EtCO2, Oxy-CRG, AG, 2-IBP ,Wireless network , Wall mount , Moving cart

Materials Included

Supplied with: ECG Trunk Cable, ECG Lead wires,Sp02 Interface Cable, Adult Reusable Cuff ,Adult Reusable Sp02, Finger Sensor, NIBP Hose, NIBP Cuff & Temperature probe, Paper Roll, User Manual, Lithium Ion Batiery

CO2 monitoring

Mainstream/ Sidestream EtCO2 option available;

No calibration required;

The sampling rate of side stream is 50ml/min;

Flexible, compact CO2 sensor provides consistent and reliable monitoring of adult, pediatric and neonatal.


3/5-lead ECG measurement technology with automatic lead recognition.

Strong ECG anti-interference ability

With arrhythmia analysis and ST segment analysis

NIBP/2-IBP blood pressure

With manual, automatic and continuous measurement mode; The initial inflation pressure can be selected to improve measurement accuracy and patient comfort. NIBP over pressure protection, high acc uracy for hypertension monitoring. The Initial inflatable pressure can be selected to improve the accuracy of measure-ment and the comfort of patients.


Adopt digital SPO2 technology, which has strong

anti-interference and anti-weak fifilling capability.

Support Masimo SpO2.


2-channel IBP, monitoring ART,PA,CVP,LAP,RAP, ICP etc

Hardware technology – module

Expanding extension rack supports plug-and-play parameter modules

  • 2-channel IBP
  • EtCO2 Module
  • Anesthetic GAS
  • Mainstream/ Sidestream EtCO2 option available
  • Transport Monitor/Module
  • IBP Sesor

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