BMV Dental Mobile Delivery Unit

Dental Mobile Delivery Unit


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BMV Dental Unit

It is a dental unit that offers stylish design, mobility and ease of use. Thanks to the professional medical wheels with brakes, the transportation of the unit is very quiet. Its light weight provides easy carrying within the clinic. It can be used with an external air supply system or optional dental air compressor.


  • 1 Set Dental Air Compressor (Silent, oil-free, 600W, stainless steel tank with cabinet, handle for convenient carrying)
  • 1 Piece Saliva Absorber
  • 1 Set 3 Way Syringe
  • 2 High and Low speed Handpiece tubing (2-4 holes)
  • 1 Piece LED Curing Light
  • 1 Set of Ultrasonic Cavitron (5 pieces of removable tips are free of charge)
  • 1 Set Clean Water Supply System
  • 1 Set Drainage System
  • Foot Pedal and Mobile System

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