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Revolutionize your ultrasound game with BMV S9 Bovine Ultrasound, delivering unparalleled accuracy and early detection. Whether you treat Bovine, Equine, Ovine or Swine, our technology offers crystal-clear images of the uterus, ovaries, fetal structure and even sex determination.

  • High-end atmosphere, sealed dust and waterproof integrated design, IP67 waterproof performance, From the probe tip to the
    display, easy to clean.
  • Only 650 g with compact, lightweight design, easy to carry.
  • Double-sided anti-slip for easy grip. ABS+TPU material, strong wear resistance and crash-proof. (drop test of 1 meter) the
    probe cable is flexible and bendable, suitable for the difficult environment of the farm.
  • Button finger touch recognition for blind operation, Separate freeze button design . 6 function keys adjust the gain, depth, and
    freeze separately. Sensitive keys and easy to operate

Intelligent HD imaging

HD image – Broad-bandwidth patented probe rectal linear probe and rectal convex, getting images from deeper
and wider direction. Excellent image quality helps identification of early pregnancy, fetal gender and
uterine diseases easily and early.

Accurately – Accurately measure blood flow velocity, detecting the hemodynamic status of blood vessels,
increasing Independently designed & patented for probes, high quality image performance .

Penetration – Probe penetrating enhanced, getting images from deeper and wider direction.

Image field – High sensitivity sensor for better images, unique design to improve the accuracy of late pregnancy
diagnosis, especially C-type probe is very light, and the probe has a large open space on one side and
a large operable area.

Frame rate – Image processing with AI, rapid imaging and high quality, 26 frame rate / second image, when fast
moving probe, no delay or lag.

Fast Connection and Conversion – Supports connectivity to multiple smart devices such as PAD, Mobile phone,
laptop (Android, Windows) via WI-FI in 10 S within fast connection;
Tablets and TVs can be connected at the same time, Supports USB-DICOM,
Wireless printers, HDMI

On the Go – Power to go, wireless charging, battery built-in integration 12 hours working
time, video glasses support external mobile power for up to 4 hours.

See S9 Specification Datesheet

What in the box

Normal packing
S9 main unit with Rectal Linear Probe Or S9 main unit with Rectal Convex
Rechargeable battery(Internal Battery)4 Hours
APP software+ Tablet+Wireless Goggles
Belt for main unit
Power adapter
USB line
Suit case
User manual


Plenty of Accessories Options

  • Rectal Probe Introducer Rounded 85cm,eases your shoulder and arm strain for Fetal Aging, Pregnancy Testing
  • Chest Mount for Tablet To be used in conjunction with your choice of tablet
  • Wrist Mount for phone To be used in conjunction with your choice of Phone
  • Field working bag Storage the probe and its accessories
  • Power bank 10000mAh, 147×71.2×14.2mm, supply power for goggles
  • Mobile Car Charger Battery Charging in the car

Quality assurance

BMV is in compliance with  ISO13485

Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Service: Lifetime


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