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Lifepak 20/20e

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The biphasic, powerful Lifepak 20/20e  is a compact defibrillator in an affordable package. It is very intuitive to use for caretakers. You can make use of it as an AED or use its manual settings for more experienced caretakers. By pressing the latch, it automatically converts into a manual defibrillator, including waveform displays. The display can be viewed from many angles and shows colorful graphics. The Lifepak 20 can make use of the following:  Cardiovascular monitoring, noninvasive pacing, Masimo SET pulse oximetry (SpO2), ECG monitoring (3- or 5-wire), and synchronized cardioversion.

Visual and voice prompts are given through each step so everyone can follow along. The CodeManagement Module adds wave-shaped capnography. Wireless connection can be used to transfer CPR and patient data for evaluation. The LIFEPAK® 20 has been used by hospitals and clinics worldwide. It is designed specifically for crash cart use.

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