Mindray BeneHeart C1A AED – No Screen, Semi-Auto

Mindray BeneHeart defibrillator


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Mindray’s BeneHeart C Series ( Mindray BeneHeart C1A AED ) is one of the fastest and most advanced Automated External Defibrillators (AED) on the market today. With tailored rescue instructions based on the users’ competence, CPR guidance and a quick shock delivery of less than eight-seconds, responders can confidently treat Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA).

Featuring 360J biphasic technology with auto-compensation, the BeneHeart C Series AED will adjust the shock based on patient impedance, helping increase the chance of a successful rescue of difficult to defibrillate patients.

The BeneHeart C Series has been rigorously tested to ensure it provides ultimate reliability even in the toughest of conditions. With a 1.5-meter drop endurance and IP55 water and dust proof rating, users can be confident the AED is ready to respond when called upon.

Five-year battery and pad lifecycles and wireless connectivity to the fleet management software, AED Alert 2.0, the BeneHeart C Series offer excellent value and easy maintenance.

With AED Alert 2.0, controllers are provided with complete visibility of all devices and are alerted to any status changes including pad expiration dates and when an AED is moved outside of a predetermined geo-location.


  • Delivers the first shock in under eight-seconds; powers on in two-seconds, ECG analysis in five-seconds and no extra time needed for charging
  • Features 360J BTE (Biphasic Truncated Exponential) technology with auto-compensation for patient impedance
  • Provides defibrillation therapy according to AHA/ERC guidelines; delivering 200J initially, then 300J for the second shock and 360J for the third
  • Integrated with ResQNaviTM technology; provides tailored rescue instructions based on the user’s ability
  • Audible prompts provide AHA/ERC compliant CPR guidance
  • Pre-connected adult/child electrode pads with a five-year lifecycle
  • Device settings, including shock protocols can be adjusted using the comprehensive Mindray C Series configuration tool
  • Simple switch for changing between adult and child modes; the device will automatically adjust the CPR guidance – 30:2 for adults, 15:2 for children
  • Language button allows users to select from up to three preconfigured languages
  • Automatic daily self-test ensures device is always ready for use
  • Extremely robust, 1.5m drop tested and IP55 water/dust proof

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