MO220-320 Vet Semi-Modular Veterinary Monitor

MO220/320 Vet

Semi-Modular Veterinary Monitor


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User-friendly, high-resolution monitor offers superior performance

The cutting-edge innovation of the BMO220/320 Vet are the top choice for health care professionals who demand high performance and precision. This advanced patient monitor is perfect for any clinical setting, and is available through BMV. With lightweight, portable and measures multiple parameters, including ECG (3 or 5 lead) with ST segment monitoring, RESP, PP , Dual temp (optional ), Masimo SpO2(optional) and NIBP. Configurations are available that measure capnography, dual channel IBP, and anesthetic agents (five agents, Auto ID, N2O, FiO2 and Sidestream EtCO2) optional , and that support optional built-in thermal printer.


Safety & Efficiency for Veterinary Monitoring

Two type 12.1ΚΊ/15’’ High-Resolution Display

Up to 8 Waveforms

Lightweight – Less than 12lb (4.5 kg)

Robust Standard Measurement Set Includes:

3 or 5-lead ECG,SpO2,NIBP,2 IBP (optional), Respiration, Temperature HR/PR

Additional Plug-and-Play Modules Provide Expanded Parameters:

Invasive Blood Pressure

Mainstream or Sidestream CO2

Multi-Gas Measurement

Multiple Configurations Available:

Standard Parameters: ECG,HR/PR Temperature, NIBP, Respiration, SPO2 Optional Parameters: Invasive Blood Pressures, CO2 (Mainstream or Sidestream) and Built-in Anesthetic Agent Module Comes with standard veterinary accessories.

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390 x 310 x 355

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