MX3 Three/Two transducers. One probe Handheld Ultrasound

Critical Care Ultrasound


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Cardiac ultrasound probe in your pocket

With only about 260g (0.6lbs), it contains everything you need to image a full human
body, especially for cardiac imaging. Put it in your pocket and bring it to the bedside
of every patient. Designed for more remote and efficient diagnosis.

Insight right in your pocket

Supports early diagnosis and helps you quickly decide on next steps.

Comprehensive Clinical Solution

Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care/ Internal Medicine, Urology,
Women’s Health, Vascular, Critical Care, Medical School Education

Colour and Pulsed Wave doppler

Allows you to see blood flow and make measurements


You can scan from head to foot using the one probe. 2-3 Hours of continuous scanning time without a charge. You can charge the probe by parking it on the wireless charger.

Waterproof design

Easy to clean and disinfect!

We offer applications for the following that can be tailored from start of the order.


Scanner options

  1. Phased+Linear+Convex transducers Human/Animal (software Altered)
  2. Linear Scanner for MSK Equine
  3. Convex Scanner – Large Animals

Probe Options

  1. Endocavity-Convex transducer
  2. Endocavity-Linear transducer.
  3. Linear+Convex 1 transducer.
  4. Phased+Linear+Convex 1 transducer



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