MX7 Colour Doppler Wireless Ultrasound Scanners

MX7 Colour Doppler Wireless Ultrasound Scanners


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Small and lightweight

MX7 (≤250g )can travel with you-from patient to patient-within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.

Easy to use

Just flip the top and it starts up. With its one-hand user interface and presets for common applications, MX7 imaging slips easily into your patient care routine.


64 physical channels and 128 elements bring high resolution and smooth images. The handheld ultrasound has built-in battery so it can be used in out-hospital battlefield and so on. GUP Enhanced Processing, Zero Latency, capacity Better Remote Diagnosis and Education Comprehensive Clinical Solution Preset easier operation 5G WI-FI Connection

Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV)

Needle visualization is important for safe and successful ultrasound-guided surgery. MX7 handheld ultrasound software Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV) provides improved ultrasound imaging of needles even at steep insertion angles.

PW Automatic Measurement

Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease that is responsible for most cardiovascular events and stroke. Therefore, a regular exam for carotid is necessary for the elder. MX7 PW measurement can quickly provide 13 parameters and 34 indicators.

Harmonic Imaging

Harmonic imaging can potentially provide higher quality of ultrasound images.



PA Phased Array Phased array,Frequency:2-5Mhz;64 element; Max depth: 40 cm,
L15 High freqency Linear High freqency Linear,Frequency: 6–14 MHz; Max scanning Depth: 10 cm; Element: 128
Applications :Vascular, Lung, Breast, MSK, Nerve, Ocular,Small Parts / Animals,Anesthesia
L20 Ultra-high Fregency Linear High freqency Linear,Frequency: 10-18 MHz; Max scanning Depth: 8 cm; Element: 196
Applications :Vascular, Lung, Breast, MSK, Nerve, Ocular,Small Parts / Animals,Anesthesia
C2 Convex Convex scanner, Frequency: 2–5 MHz,Radius:60 mm,Max depth:40 cm;  Element: 128;
Applications:Abdominal, Lung, OB/GYN,Superficial, Vascular
L7  Linear Linear scanner,Frequency: 6–11 MHz;Max depth:40mm, ; Element: 128 ,
Applications :Vascular, Lung
Also for: Breast, MSK, Nerve, Ocular,Small Parts / Animals,Anesthesia
C5 Low Frequency Micro-convex Micro-convex,Frequency: 2–5 MHz,Radius:20 mm,Max depth:31 cm;  Element: 128;
Applications :Abdominal, Lung, OB/GYN,Superficial, Vascular
C7 Micro-convex High frequency  Micro-convex,Frequency: 4-8 MHz,Radius:15 mm,Max depth:15 cm;  Element: 128;  Applications: Abdominal, Lung, OB/GYN,Superficial, Vascular

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