Physio-Control Lifepak CR2 USB Semi-Automatic defibrillator

CR2 USB Semi-Automatic defibrillator


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Physio-Control Lifepak

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Lifepak CR2

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The Physio-Control Lifepak CR2 USB Semi-Automatic defibrillator is the replacement unit for the CR+ Semi-Automatic unit. The Lifepak CR2 USB is one of the fastest defib units on the market to analyse the patient and be ‘shock-ready’. The CR2 USB is packed with features such as pictoral and vocal instructions for the operator, and CPR coaching and metronome not to mention the 17 second ‘shock ready’ speed and 4 year battery and pad life. The CR2 USB also features one of the highest charges on the market, 360 Joules, allowing the unit to deliver a more powerful and effective shock when required.

Product Features:

  • Semi-automatic unit – notifies you when a shock should be delivered to the patient
  • Supplied with a set of pads suitable for adults and children and battery.
  • Child Mode allows the defib to be quickly switched to setting suitable for paediatric patients


  • Battery stand-by life: 4 years (from date of manufacture)
  • Electrode pad life: 4 years (from date of manufacture)
  • Daily, weekly and monthly automatic self tests performed by the defibrillator unit
  • Capable of escalating the energy shock level to 360 Joules to enhance the chance of survival
  • ClearVoice guidance and CPR coaching provide step-by-step support throughout the defib process
  • Pre-connected electrode pads save valuable time in an emergency
  • Stores patient and event data for later analysis – transferred to a PC via a USB cable
  • Event log report time stamps operator and device activity
  • Readiness indicator tells the user when the defibrillator is ready for use
  • Low battery indicator shows when the battery needs replacing
  • Replaceable battery included
  • Analyses the patient’s heart rhythm as soon as the electrodes are applied
  • Analysis and defibrillator charge time: less than 17 seconds

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