S3 Plus, ,Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound

S3 Plus, ,Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound


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BestScan® S3 wireless

vet ultrasound scanner designed for pigs,sheeps


Excellent image for reproduction scan. Maintenance-free probe, Freeze button,Splash-resistant probe,Waterproof Tablet(optional). Special patented BMV’s veterinary software,Charge anywhere, 220V, 12V, wireless charging. Its extremely lightness and finish allows for effective use, avoiding the risk of cables with pig,sheep,goats species. S4 Go together with S3 competes most closely with the popular Kaixin MSU1 Plus.


Pregnancy detection application

With exceptional pregnancy imaging performance and advanced analysis tools, S4/S3 Plus provides a combination of quality, efficiency and portability under pigs, sheep, or goats farm scenarios.

1.Ibcear :Smooth uniform tissues

2.Synthetic-focus Beamforming:

Enabled synthetic-focus beamforming to address the problems associated with fixed and multi-focus beamforming


3.Probe S-crystal technology:

Broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity


4.High-channel HD imaging

up to 198 elements, receiving on 32/64 channels, 26 frames per seconds


5.AI-powered automated adjustments

Automated imaging gain, auto frequency, auto depth, automatic image adjustment with advanced imaging algorithm, all make S3/S4 Scanners for instant adjustments to get a great image.


6.Wifi-6 and 5G ultra-wideband radio technology

aids in delivering real-time, cable-free imaging, promote rapid data transmission and enable clear, seamless visualization to bring greater efficiency and procedural confidence to your clinical practice.

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