Top Reason to Buy Used Carpentry Machines

Whether you’re a woodworking hobbyist, DIY fan, or professional woodworker, you already know how much difference professional equipment makes to your woodworking projects. But high-quality carpentry machines are expensive and beyond the budget of many individuals. And who wants to take on the stress of credit when interest rates are so high?

Here at RPTRADERSMARKET, we’re huge fans of used business and industrial equipment, because we completely see the benefits of buying top-quality, used but reliable kit. Here’s why it could be worth investing in used CNC routers and other carpentry machines.

Some of the best reasons to buy used CNC routers

Looking for a CNC router? Then it’s time to check out used options. Here’s why:

Money saving

Buying used carpentry machines is a reliable way to save money. This is important to everyone, but particularly for tradespeople who have just started their own business, entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, or hobbyists with a tighter budget.

Lower upfront costs

With a tighter budget, pre-owned carpentry equipment gives you the chance to save up to 50% compared to buying new models.

Depreciation gains

Not only do you save outright, but opting for second-hand carpentry machines also means saving on depreciation costs. New machines will lose their value as soon as they leave the factory floor, whereas used ones will have already undergone this process and may hold their resale value better over time.


Another great advantage of buying used woodworking machines is that there’s often more room for negotiation with sellers. Unlike new equipment where prices are typically set in stone, purchasing pre-owned gives you the chance to haggle!

Bigger brands and better models

Buying used CNC machines and carpentry equipment means you can stretch your budget further to buy big brands and higher-spec models. Many people prefer buying used equipment because it tends to be of higher quality and has better manufacturing specifications than cheap, modern alternatives.

Tried and tested

A lot of businesses sell their equipment on a schedule, so if you see it used, you know it’s already been tried, tested, and valued within the business. Buying used tends to mean you can invest in a higher-spec woodworking machine that will last you for years to come, especially with regular servicing and maintenance.

Finding great deals on used carpentry machines

Don’t waste time on social media marketplaces when you need proper carpentry equipment. Classified listings may be useful, but you’ll have to filter through plenty of ads and irrelevant listings before you find anything useful.

Auctions are a good option, especially if you come across a woodworking shop that’s selling used equipment in bulk, or even closing down.

RPTRADERSMARKET often has closing-down sales and notifications of forthcoming listings, so it’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled for relevant woodworking equipment listings. We also have regular category listings, either directly from enthusiasts, woodworking businesses, or from intermediary businesses that specialize in refurbishing used equipment for sale.

How to successfully buy a quality used carpentry machines

As a buyer, it’s vital to know what you’re looking for and to do your research when looking at carpentry machines, especially if you’re relatively new to making this kind of investment. Here are some tips for buying successfully.

  • Do your research on the specific make and model of the machine you’re interested in buying. This includes reading reviews from previous buyers, checking out online forums and woodworking communities for advice, and consulting with experts or professionals who have experience with that particular machine.
  • Read all of the details provided about the used woodworking machine you see listed. If you’re browsing RPTRADERSMARKET you’ll see detailed descriptions and images.
  • Contact the vendor with any questions that you might have about the machine’s condition, any damage, the service history, and any warranty.
  • If there’s an opportunity to go and look at the equipment yourself, this can be well worth doing.
  • Factor in the costs of maintenance on older machines. Depending on the age and condition, some machines may require more frequent repairs than others, so just bear this in mind when weighing two models up.
  • Consider negotiating prices and terms with sellers while keeping realistic expectations. If there’s no wriggle room on the price, you may find you can get a discount on a second woodworking purchase, or get a useful accessory thrown in for free! This is especially likely if the vendor is selling a large amount of woodworking equipment.

Upgrade your woodworking shop today

Adding used carpentry machines to your woodworking shop can be a game-changer and let you grow your business or hobby without breaking the bank.

With the right research and knowledge of what to look for in a quality machine, you can find great deals on CNC routers, wood routers, and other carpentry machines that will serve you well in your wooden component manufacturing or other woodworking projects.

Check out the listings on RPTRADERSMARKET today and find a great deal on your next woodworking machine, CNC router, wood router, or woodworking lathe today!