6 Top Reasons to Buy Used Gym Equipment

Are you looking to build a home gym, but worried about the cost of new strength equipment? Don’t worry – used gym equipment is definitely the way to go. Not only is it far cheaper, but it tends to be just as good as new equipment, especially if you’re a fan of functional sports and fitness kits such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells.

Even better, buying used strength equipment is far better for the environment, as there’s no need to dump perfectly good kit into a landfill!

In this blog, we’ll look at the various benefits of buying used second-hand exercise machines and offer tips on how to buy them safely. Whether you’re in need of a back machine, arm machine, or chest press, keep reading to discover why used strength equipment might be the perfect fit for your fitness goals and budget.

Did you know?

A lot of fitness enthusiasts actually prefer older strength equipment models because they were often made with higher quality materials and craftsmanship compared to newer models made overseas.

1. Used Gym Equipment costs less

For most of us, cost is the key factor when we’re buying functional strength equipment. After all, it can get expensive pretty fast to kit out a home gym. Brand-new gym equipment tends to be particularly expensive, especially if you’re looking for machines and want to buy a series of them to work for each muscle group.

Used gym equipment tends to be a faction of the cost. Why? Because when people decide to get rid of their home gym or upgrade their existing home gyms or commercial fitness facilities, they usually want to get rid of their unwanted kit fast. Used strength equipment is an asset to your life. Redundant or excess kit simply takes up space – whether that’s potential living space that your family wants to reclaim, or expensive commercial space that could be better used to justify your rent!

The good news here is when you choose to buy second-hand gym equipment and exercise machines, you can usually get higher-spec models at a far cheaper price, letting you upgrade the quality of your home gym without boosting your budget.

2. Used Gym Equipment is often as good as new

So you want quality gym equipment but without the big budget that new branded stuff needs? Definitely head to the used strength equipment market. You’ll often find a kit that’s barely been used – because sellers have changed their minds, no longer need it, or are obliged to upgrade regularly to keep their business gym members happy.

Even better, if you find a used strength kit from a commercial seller, you’ll usually find that it’s been really well maintained and cared for because that’s part of the member experience.

3. Used strength kits can have ongoing warranty benefits

Even better, if you’re buying used gym equipment from a reputable seller or refurbisher, you’ll usually get a warranty of some kind and customer support into the mix. This gives you that extra peace of mind, just in case anything does go wrong.

4. You can find a wider variety of Used Gym Equipment

Buy used gym equipment and you’ll access a far broader market than you would for new machinery. In recent years, many manufacturing facilities have been affected by ongoing supply challenges, so the most interesting stuff on the market tends to be used.

Have a Look at the used gym equipment here, and you’ll find more brands, more models, and broader specifications.

5. Choosing used gym gear boosts your budget

Choose used and you’ll have more money to spend from your budget – letting it go further so you can buy that little accessory piece you’ve always had your eye on…

6. Used Gym Equipment is kinder to the environment

We’re all trying to do our best to protect the environment, so don’t let quality gym equipment end up in landfill! Where weights are concerned in particular, those high-quality steel components will last a lifetime with the right care!  Buy quality, buy second-hand, buy cheaper – and do your bit to promote sustainability!

How to successfully buy used gym equipment

Do your research

  • If you decide to buy used gym and strength equipment, do your research in the same way that you would for a new buy.
  • Look for user reviews to see what other people thought of the brand and item you’re interested in.
  • Check brands, and equipment specifications, and check each item for wear and tear before you buy it.
  • Look out for missing parts and ask questions about the machine’s history.
  • If you can, see if there are details about the seller’s maintenance and servicing history for the item.
  • Equally, if you can test the item yourself before buying it – do!

In conclusion

There’s no reason to waste your budget on new (and often inferior quality) new gym kits in today’s markets. Get to the good, high-quality stuff, boost your budget, and do your bit for the environment!

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