Why choose RPTradersMarket?

RPTradersMarketplace is the online marketplace for the world’s industries, and the brainchild of Sean Cunningham, who has been successfully operating in the industrial service environment for over a decade.

RPTradersMarketplace is changing the resale market, and opening it up to businesses of all kinds, in all industries and in any part of the world, to sell machinery, stock, and other assets that they are no longer using – either because they have upgraded, or because they no longer deliver that line of work.

By using this trading platform, businesses need never experience depreciation of assets again. There is no longer any reason to let unwanted, outdated or generally unused assets and stock sit in expensive warehousing where it represents a liability. Instead, the business can list it to a global audience of motivated buyers on RP traders Marketplace and find the buyer that they need.

We list commercial products such as:

  • Industrial and commercial machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • IC components
  • Liquidating business stock

Something for everyone

Whether you’re a business start-up looking for used goods to sell at a markup, or an industrial business looking to source a hard-to-find piece of used machinery, you’ll find ready and motivated vendors at RPTradersMarket.

We represent all industries

We have categories to suit all vendors and buyers including

  • Medical
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Building, plumbing, electrical, etc
  • Leisure including gyms, salons, spas, retail, etc
  • IT and digital, including component parts
  • Test, measurement, and inspection equipment
  • Manufacturing and processing

Get started in just a few clicks

It couldn’t be easier to register with RPTradersMarket and begin buying and selling. Simply create your account online and enjoy our special launch offers to get you going!